Pioneers In India In The Manufacture Of Carburetors And Mechanical Fuel Pumps

by Omnex Systems published on August 31, 2021

Company Overview:

Pioneers in India in the manufacture of Carburetors and mechanical fuel pumps

Scope of Deal

  • Product Realization/ APQP Software
  • Document Management Software

Systems Used

  • AQUA Pro®
  • Doc Pro®

Client Speak:

“EwQMS has reduced our Burden & Work load on APQP documentation to almost 70%. This helps us in using the time and energy in other projects which improves the effectiveness Quotient of every individuals”

- Manager – Quality Assurance

Business Needs

  • Inability to managing Huge amounts of documents involved in APQP Documentation resulting in poor performance on metrics
  • Difficulty in managing Documentation for Different Customers for same products
  • Product and Process Linkages
  • Difficulty in Communication between different sites on the Quality issues
  • Documentation Mismatch during Audits and the Time involved in working on Corrective Action for the same

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