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Failure Mode Effects  and Analysis, Fault Tree  Analysis, Multi-point  Faults and EWQIMs

From its inception, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis has been historically used as a technique to evaluate the impact of single point failures on the functionality of products and processes.

Publish Date:September 11, 2023

TISAX and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 - Cybersecurity for the Automotive Industry

In October 2022, the ISO/IEC released the third edition of the newly titled International Standard ISO/IEC 27001:2022 named, Information Security, Cybersecurity, and Privacy Protection – Information security management systems – Requirements.

Publish Date:September 08, 2023

ASPICE® Standards Get Updated to PAM 4.0

The Automotive SPICE® is undergoing major changes in its scope, requirements, guidelines, and training. Join this 1.5 hour webinar to find out the essentials of this change to PAM 4.0 from Omnex’s ASPICE® experts.

Publish Date:August 30, 2023

IATF 16949 Update - Automotive Spice Functional Safety

The article highlights the evolution of various processes and requirements within the automotive industry.

Publish Date:August 01, 2023

Implementing Linked DFMEAs, and FTAs with EwQIMS

There are many effective product risk analysis tools in various industries today, with Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) being the most frequently used. This webinar will showcase the use of software tools for integrating and optimizing information from both FMEAs an

Publish Date:June 13, 2023

CQI Assessments by OEMs – Cost vs Reward

The AIAG Special Process CQI standards have been in place for decades. They have always been regarded as an additional tool to help suppliers improve their processes in line with standardized requirements.

Publish Date:May 18, 2023

Challenges In Maintaining Supplier Quality And How To Overcome Them

The Supply Chain and Governance are critical parts of every industry. The Supply Chain for many organizations is very complex, diverse, and has high risks.

Publish Date:May 04, 2023

Best Practices in SYS Processes for Automotive Spice

FMEAs have been used for a few decades now. In this Webinar webinar recording, we shall dive into how we can leverage DFMEAs to meet best-in-class systems engineering risk analysis practices.

Publish Date:April 27, 2023

Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality standards are now for your Environmental Management Systems

It's crucial for organizations to be mindful of potentially fragmented approaches as they navigate the path toward net zero and carbon neutrality. By adopting standardized frameworks and guidelines, organizations can ensure coherence, consistency, and effectiveness in their sustainability efforts.

Publish Date:April 20, 2023

IATF 16949 Update – ASPICE, Functional Safety

European OEMs are now requiring their suppliers to implement a Cybersecurity Management System aligned with ISO 27001, called TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange). This requirement is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry.

Publish Date:April 06, 2023