QMS Sourcing®: Outsourcing the Quality Management System

by David A Lalain published on May 14, 2021

Your company, like many others, has no doubt discovered the cost advantages and flexibility of outsourcing. The focus has been on non-core functions and economies of scale but the range of outsourcing has continued to grow and now includes IT, HR, accounting, purchasing, engineering, call centers, and many more areas. The newest offering in outsourcing is just beginning and involves the company’s Quality Management System.

QMS Sourcing® makes good sense. Who better than a dedicated independent team of highly trained specialists to ensure that goals are being met? Especially since quality is so fundamental to Customer and bottom-line success. It is time-consuming and expensive to attempt to develop all the skills you need in this area and deal with constant turnover--as people move through their careers. QMS Sourcing® provides consistency, expertise, third-party objectivity, and zero hassles.

This paper will explore the latest offering in this arena, QMS Sourcing®, outsourcing your quality management system. We will explore answers to the questions of Why, What, Which, Who, How, and When relative to this critical business decision. One client had a real wake-up call when management finally tallied up what it was costing them to just maintain their quality system certification. This included document control, internal and external quality audits, and calibrations. With global net sales of nearly $2 billion, this division spent over $7 million, including the equivalent of over 40 full-time people, just for maintenance. QMS Sourcing® could save millions!