Move From Fmea 3 Rd To 4 Th Editions

by Omnex Systems published on August 31, 2021

Beginning November 1, 2008, the Chrysler, Ford, and GM, Failure Mode Effects Analysis Reference anual, 4th edition, available from AIAG, will supersede the 3rd edition. The 4th edition of the FMEA Reference Manual expands on the efforts of the 3rd edition by treating the entire FMEA process rather than just the forms in order to minimize the improper uses and implementation of the FMEA, such as:

  • Column shifting: placing information in the wrong columns thus hindering the analysis and product / process improvement efforts
  • Deflation of the RPN to obtain an arbitrarily set threshold
  • Sole reliance on the RPN in the evaluation of risk priorities and improvement actions
  • Focusing only on the completion of the FMEA form and not on the knowledge contained therein
  • Lack of understanding of the role of the FMEA process throughout the APQP phases including continual improvement during production; i.e., looking at the FMEA as a static document necessary only for PPAP approval.

The 4th edition also contains discussion which will allow organizations with a mature FMEA process to go beyond the basic implementation and not be subject to nonconformances by auditors who only have a cursory knowledge of the FMEA process or attempt to audit to the manual as a standard.

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