The Ever Changing Landscape of Automotive Cybersecurity-Will There Be a Limit?

by Dr.Juan Pimentel published on February 09, 2023

Automotive cybersecurity is much more than ISO/SAE 21434, ECE regulations R-155, R-156, and other similar standards and regulations. The ever increasing complexity of the automotive environment is already causing serious issues in the design of attack protection mechanisms for a vehicle from a security perspective. One example is securing a thermal management system such as those used for battery management systems where several suppliers are involved in addition to an OEM encompassing a multitude of ECUs and heterogeneous arrays of sensors and actuators. One issue here is that an Item in the context of ISO/SAE 21434 has become very complex involving not just one sub-system but a multitude of sub-systems developed by different suppliers. Another issue is the accurate determination of responsibilities of each supplier for implementing ISO/SAE 21434. Another example of complexity is the electrical vehicle charging system for electric vehicles.

In this webinar, the current complexity of modern vehicle components will be explained, a number of cybersecurity issues will be identified and possible approaches to address the corresponding issues will be discussed.

Upcoming Webinar: Implementing Automotive Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain - Best Practices


Chad Kymal, Juan Pimentel, Vignesh Sambandan

Date and Time:

Dec 14, 2023 11:00 AM EST