SAE/OMNEX Webinar: Software Solutions for Integrated FMEA, Problem Solving, and MSA

by Antony John published on August 02, 2022

The FMEA (including DFMEA and PFMEA) is a preventive tool used during new product development. When properly grouped in families of products or processes, the FMEA process allows for reuse and design savings. After a product is launched, the lessons learned during corrective action and problem solving must be linked and updated in the DFMEA and PFMEA.

Advanced product planning software tools, such as AQuA Pro and the Enterprise Quality suite EwQIMS, outline best practices in DFMEA, DVP&R, Process Flow, PFMEA, Control Plans, and Work Instructions.

  This 30-minute Webinar discusses these best practices, software implementations, and more. Topics covered include: 

  • Identifying corrective and preventive actions from problem-solving techniques such as 8D or Effective Problem Solving. 
  • How to utilize these techniques to update specific products and entire product families. 
  • The role MSA plays in understanding an important source of variation and automatically updating the Control Plan and FMEA when control strategy is being set.
  • How integrated tools such as EwQIMS with FMEAs, Problem Solving, MSA, and APQP can be used to provide tremendous savings and efficiency to a quality program. 


Antony John

Antony John is the Vice President of Omnex Systems. He has 19 years of experience transforming technology businesses across global markets and different customer industry segments, for profitable growth. Antony also possesses strong experience working in the Information Technology, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Natural Gas, and Insurance industries. He currently leads the Product Development of EwQIMS, a revolutionary software solution for managing Enterprise Quality for APQP, Integrated Management Systems / QHSE, and Supplier Quality used by Fortune 500 companies, OEMs, top automotive manufacturers, and large semi-conductor organizations across the globe.