Motivation for AS9145 — APQP and PPAP With a Defense Industry Focus

by William Ireland published on February 28, 2023

This webinar is designed to provide participants with insight into the risk management elements of the AS9145 Aerospace Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process to help ensure successful new or modified product launch efforts in defense contracting.This session will inform the participants on the defense evolution that first created the manufacturing readiness assessment in 2009 and now is preparing to leverage the AS9145 process. Discover how to prepare for the staffing and execution of the AS9145 in your domain of practice for Space and Defense.The top 5 defense contractors are staffing for this next evolution of production readiness that will move an organization’s efficiencies to include savings in supply chain management and quality by applying the AS9145.

The Webinar will discuss the AS6500 best practices and how the Mil-HDBK 896 will map into the AS9145 effort. Efficiencies of the standard across the supply chain should be dramatic. The motivation for this change is paralleled to commercial industry and is grounded on robust New Product Development processes and how to employ tools to manage continuous improvement in products and processes.In the Defense Acquisition process the AS9145 resolves the desired realization of Knowledge Point 3 (KP3) that confirms or validates a producer’s readiness to produce with a manufacturing readiness level equal to 9.This Webinar will provide guidance on how to satisfy the requirements of the Aerospace PPAP’s 11 elements and when to incorporate prevention action tools to mitigate risk.This session will enlighten how to incorporate these practices in the defense industry and give insight for those government program teams on how to manage the risk mitigation processes for successful exiting of EMD through MS C using PPAP throughout the supply chain.