Key Changes in the New APQP 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition Manuals

by Gregory Gruska,Mary Rowzee,Michael Down published on April 11, 2024

The New APQP 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition are in their early rollout phase. Omnex is scheduled to conduct its first training course in mid-March. Mike Down, formerly of General Motors, led the core tools writing committee and was responsible for the last two editions of the manual. Mike Down, along with his co-team members Mary Rowzee and Gregory Gruska, who have participated in writing many of the core tools, have much to share about the latest release of the APQP and Control Plan.

There are significant changes in both the APQP and the new Control Plan manuals. They not only address the needs of the latest ICE and hybrid vehicles but also those of the new electric vehicles. Join us to discover what the experts consider the most significant changes.

This webinar will be conducted in a discussion style, with each of the Core Tool writers selecting what they believe are the key changes and discussing them among themselves. Watch this interesting webinar recording moderated by Dave Watkins, VP of Omnex Inc., who has spent over 30 years implementing and teaching these standards.

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