Integrating the New AS13100 Customer Specific Requirements into your AS9100 Quality Management System

by Craig Thompson published on July 08, 2021

AS13100 is the latest Aerospace Standard to be released. This standard creates a common set of supplemental requirements with common training and reference manuals to improve understanding, efficiency, and performance. The primary intent of this new standard is to improve overall product quality, by focusing on the key systems and processes currently deterring consistent aerospace engine product quality. AS13100 will be a required supplement to AS9100 and AS9145 that focuses on customer specific requirements for Aircraft Engine OEMs.

Along with the industries key standards of AS9100 and AS9145, the recent released AS13100 is designed to prevent defects and waste. Integrating this new standard is essential in developing, maintaining and improving a more effective and efficient QMS. Our webinar provides an overview of the standard, delivers knowledge that helps integration, and allows attendees to gage where their organization’s potential gaps are in meeting specific customer requirements.

In this webinar we will discuss how and where the requirements of AS13100 fit directly with AS9100D and apply to AS9145 requirements. This webinar will also illustrate how close or far away organizations are from complete integration of AS13100. Omnex has been working with Aerospace industry since the early 2000s, to develop and implement QMS and APQP processes, prior to the creation of this new industry standard. Furthermore, we are also working with the leaders in the Aerospace Industry in implementing digital solutions process improvements and QMS enhancements.