Implementing Best In Class Management Systems with AS9100D

by Dave Watkins,Michael Miller published on June 30, 2020

Many management systems standards have changed dramatically in the last two years, starting with the release of ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001, and AS9100 is no exception. Starting with the High Level Structure, these changes represent the most significant new requirements since 2000. For aerospace organizations, simply creating documents and obtaining certifications is no longer enough. The leading companies in the industry now require that suppliers’ management systems enable them to improve their performance to meet demanding quality and delivery criteria: less than 60 PPM defect rates, coupled with 100% on time delivery. To remain competitive, organizations must keep improving. Supplier management systems must be adaptable to dramatic changes in aerospace technology, as well as increased global competition around new models and aggressive new entrants into the multi trillion dollar industry.

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Dave Watkins

Dave Watkins is the Executive Vice President and Director of International Operations for Omnex, Inc., Dave has a wide range of experience encompassing full profit and loss responsibility in General Management, as well as manufacturing, production, Human Resources and distribution management in a variety of industries. His experience includes extensive work with Ford Motor Company including being on the Ford QOS Development Team (QOS Wheel Team) and assisting with the implementation of Ford Q1. His Ford experience also includes FCSD and GPDS including helping develop and deploy new product launch in multiple companies globally.