Implementing AS9145 – Challenges & Benefits

by Craig Thompson published on January 28, 2022

The aerospace standard AS9145 is for developing, implementing, and maintaining an APQP program and submitting PPAP packages. This standard is here to stay and is an essential tool for addressing risks, opportunities, and resource allocation within an AS9100 Quality Management System. We will explain how fulfilling AS9145 requirements results in excellent objective evidence for portions of AS9100 requirements.

The importance of an Advanced Product Quality Planning process (APQP) is more critical than ever. However, just like any other standard there are challenges to a successful implementation, but the benefits it can have on an organization outweigh those challenges.

In this webinar we will discuss some of the difficulties, pitfalls, and struggles many companies have during the creation and execution of an APQP program. We will also cover additional benefits that an organization may encounter once the program is established. These benefits are in cost reductions, improved risk mitigation, increased production, and resource utilization.

Omnex - PlanTech has worked with several major manufacturing companies and their suppliers to develop and implement APQP programs. As the manufacturing industry continues to move forward, the necessity to effectively drive APQP throughout the supply chain continues to increase. Our goal is to illustrate the benefits of APQP/PPAP within the aerospace industry. Please join us for a discussion on how AS9145 can benefit your organization.