Harmonized Implementation of ISO Standards for Functional Safety, SOTIF & Cybersecurity

by Dr.Juan Pimentel published on November 21, 2021

The ISO/SAE 21434, ISO 21448 (SOTIF), and ISO 26262 (functional safety) follow similar approaches in their structure, organization, and requirements. Thus, a joint implementation of these standards will result in significant savings, efficiencies and an optimized design. In fact, Cybersecurity affects functional safety and SOTIF, which in turn also introduces new Cybersecurity assets that need to be secured. In this webinar we will discuss a framework for a harmonized implementation of ISO/SAE 21434, ISO 21448, and ISO 26262 that will leverage similar processes, work products, and activities within such standards. This methodology is being used by Omnex in actual implementations of these standards and preliminary results will be discussed.