Ford made it official - Ford CSR Update Automotive Suppliers should use FMEA Software

by Chad Kymal,Gregory Gruska,Nikhil Unnikrishnan published on February 17, 2022

The Ford Customer Specific Requirements release, effective Jan 3rd, 2022, has made it official for automotive suppliers to use FMEA Software if they haven’t already begun doing so. The CSR states: “Suppliers shall use FMEA software which ensures the alignment of the Foundation FMEA, Part FMEA, control plan and other applicable documents” FMEAs have been the cornerstone of Product and Process Risk Management for centuries. Unfortunately, 70% of the industry uses MS Excel or spreadsheets and emails to develop FMEAs making the development and analysis of FMEA a complicated, costly, and time-consuming process. Join us in this webinar to learn:

• Omnex Systems – Enterprise FMEA Solution helps develop Design and Process FMEAs, per the AIAG 4th and AIAG-VDA Handbook methodology.

• How the linkage of content among Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) tools, including Design and Process FMEAs, Design Verification Plans and Reports (DVPR), Process Flow Diagrams, Control Plans, and Work Instructions using illustrative examples.

• How to use foundation/baseline FMEAs as a starting point for creating customized products and process-specific FMEAs promoting “REUSE.” Develop FMEAs with 50% Effort.

• Introduction to Multi-point Failures.

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