Electric & Autonomous Vehicle Market for High Tech Industries & Automotive Standards

by Jonathan Hunt published on November 28, 2019

The largest car manufacturers are shifting products from diesel and internal combustion engine vehicles to electric and autonomous vehicles. This market shift is showing to have a large impact in high tech software and hardware organizations. The market is expected to grow 30% creating an enormous $1.5 trillion market. Over half of the value in EV and AV is found in their electronics and software. The current standards used, such as, IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and APQP/Core Tools are not enough to meet the demands of EV and AV. Join Omnex to understand how Functional Safety, SOTIF, software, and cybersecurity standards will impact your organization. The traditionally “closed off” Automotive Industry has never been more open for organizations that have the right technology that can meet the new demanding requirements. Join Omnex for this exciting webinar on EV and AV markets and standards.

This webinar will include a special guest, Dr. Juan Pimentel. Juan on the SAE Vehicle Electrical Hardware Security Task Force and on the SAE/ISO 21434 automotive cybersecurity standard task force as well as on the ISO/PAS 21448 standard task force.