The Disruption In The Automotive Market – EV/AV Vehicles – What It Means To You

by Jonathan Hunt published on January 30, 2020

The internal combustion engine (ICE) is being replaced by Electric Vehicles (EV), including hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), leading to a disruption of the Automotive Industry as we know it. In time, Electric Vehicles and HEVs will be replaced by Autonomous Vehicles, causing even more change. The stock market has recognized this shift by recently valuing Tesla higher than both GM and Ford, combined. If this can happen to Ford and GM, what can happen to your company or to your own career? What can you or your organization do to stay ahead of this shift? We will answer a few questions in this webinar:

  1. What does this change mean for New Product Development and IATF 16949? If you are an EV or AV company, you should not be implementing IATF 16949 as it is today.
  2. What are the other standards emerging in this market shift? Omnex has announced the 7 Levers Of The Automotive Industry, learn more by visiting:
  3. What competencies are going to be key to you and your organization?
  4. How can acquire these crucial competencies today?