CQI Assessments by OEMs – Cost vs Reward

by Craig Thompson published on May 18, 2023

The AIAG Special Process CQI standards have been in place for decades. They have always been regarded as an additional tool to help suppliers improve their processes in line with standardized requirements. When coupled with Internal Audits, LPAs, and CP Audits, these standards can significantly enhance a supplier's Continual Improvement program. Although the importance of the CQI assessment and their requirements has not diminished, the lack of supplier motivation has. In many instances, suppliers are “pencil whipping” the self-assessment associated with most CQI standards. Consequently, some OEMs have resorted to making the assessment external by either performing it themselves or outsourcing it to independent auditors. In this webinar we will discuss some of the difficulties, pitfalls, and struggles many OEMs will face if the trend continues. We will also cover the benefits and rewards if the trend continues. At Omnex, we have conducted CQI Assessments on behalf of both suppliers and OEMs, as well as internally on our own processes. This gives us a unique perspective from all sides of the fence. As a leading provider of CQI training and having completed numerous Tiers 1 to X CQI visits, we are excited to share our insights on the cost vs reward of OEM vs self-assessments of the CQI standards. Our objective is to educate industry stakeholders, suppliers, and those responsible for the Supply Chain or QMS.

Watch the recording for an enlightening discussion on CQI Assessments and their impact on Continual Quality Improvements.