Changes to AS9100 QMS Near You

by Craig Thompson published on March 08, 2024

As we are all aware, international industry standards such as AS9100 undergo revisions approximately every five years. Revision D occurred in 2016; however, due to the pandemic's impact, timelines have been significantly delayed. Consequently, we find ourselves well beyond the typical revision cycle. Nonetheless, the eagerly anticipated updated version of the AS9100 standard is slated for release in late 2024.

Throughout his career in Quality Management, Craig Thompson has been actively involved in implementing and upholding Aerospace Standards, while enhancing Quality Management Systems. He has encountered revisions that varied in quality, clarity, and complexity. In his current capacity, he conducts numerous implementations, assessments, and training sessions each year on AS9100. Drawing from his extensive experience, he understands the critical importance of comprehensively grasping the standards and effectively communicating them across all organizational levels.

In this webinar we will examine the upcoming changes to AS9100, the reasons behind them, as well as what it means for organizations on a global level. We will also discuss the difficulties many organizations will face implementing these changes. In addition, we will cover the changes to other relevant Aerospace Standards that work in conjunction with AS1900. As a multi divisional company Omnex completes hundreds of projects and audits every year around the world in Aerospace. We use this experience as a contributor within the committees for these new standards.

Omnex is a leader in Standards Training, Implementation, Coaching, and Auditing. We are looking forward to sharing our thoughts on the upcoming changes to AS9100 and other relevant Aerospace Standards. Our goal is to enlighten the QMS managers, the organizations, the supply chain, and those responsible for the continual improvements. Please join us for a discussion on AS9100 and the impact the changes will have on QMS around the world.