Challenges Of Implementing APQP

by Jonathan Hunt published on January 31, 2020

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is a proven methodology used to develop products in a variety of industries. APQP offers considerable benefits for the early identification of problems and risks, creating defect-free products, on-time delivery, resource and development time reduction, staying on budget, and driving continual improvement.

Implementing APQP is an enterprise-wide commitment and is worth all the time and effort that needs to be invested for it to be successful. Join Omnex to understand the challenges of implementing APQP using spreadsheets/silo software. The webinar will demystify APQP implementations using software that includes:

  • APQP Program & Project Management
  • Requirements Management & Traceability
  • Linkages Among Design & Process Documents – Block Diagrams, DFMEAs, Test Plans, Process Flows, PFMEAs, Control Plans, Inspection Check sheets & Work Instructions
  • Inspections
  • MSA
  • Corrective Actions & Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • KPIs & Dashboards

Upcoming Webinar: Reverse FMEA, A Method to Confirm Risk


Michael Down

Date and Time:

May 9 2024 11:00AM EST