Best Practices for Quality Assurance in Automotive SPICE

by Chad Kymal,Nikhil Unnikrishnan published on July 22, 2021

Quality Assurance in Automotive SPICE or SUP1 may appear to be a throwback to the old days of assessing standards in Quality. In fact, reading the Automotive SPICE standard and understanding the language is the first challenge for those trying to learn ASPICE. What do you mean by verification? Does a work product need to be verified or checked by another team member? What is a work product?

This Webinar examines best practices for conducting and managing QA in an Automotive SPICE Project. It discusses how to plan your process and your audit activities. It also covers how to conduct work product quality checks versus ensuring processes are running well. What are some high-quality measures for this process? How do you automate this metric?

The Webinar also explains why you need to include mechanical, hardware, functional safety, and cybersecurity into the assessment criteria and checklists. Lastly, we will discuss how to best automate this process using software common to IATF 16949 and Automotive SPICE.