APQP/NPD - All In One – Paperless using Enterprise Software Solution

by Andrei Samoila published on December 28, 2023

We all know how difficult it is to keep control of multiple activities and resources to end up having a safe and robust APQP/NPD Process.

New Product Development has always been a challenge for almost all organizations and their resources.

A few critical Challenges identified by New Product Development Teams:

  • Not having access in one place & real time to all APQP/NPD projects and programs nor their KPIs.
  • Not being able to quickly identify pending activities which led teams to spend an impressive amount of time searching.
  • Not having visibility on all projects and their deliverables so team members were stressed with the urgency of their deadlines.
  • Not being able to keep under one umbrella the input & output documents of their deliverables.
  • Not being able to support projects using mobility. Many times teams are traveling and their handy device is their phone, not their PC.

Watch this webinar recording to understand how our comprehensive & completely Digitalized NPD/APQP Platform will allow organizations to manage their APQP Projects and programs effectively and provide impeccably:

  • Overall KPI’s & Statistics (Planned vs Actual, Project & Program completion %, No. of risk items), Dashboards & Reports.
  • Digitalized NPD/APQP Planning and Completion using an All-In-One platform for Projects, Input and Output Documents, Design and Process Documents, and PPAPs.
  • Programs/Projects Distribution Center completely transparent ready to be accessed by multiple teams and sites around the globe.
  • Real time project tracking and the ability to have available automatic reminders and escalation services incorporated into the software and free of charge.
  • Unlimited possibilities to import excel spreadsheets and/or other documents.
  • Mobility using phones, tablets, and other portable devices, even without an internet connection.

ONE Platform for all APQP/New Product Development Programs

Understanding the relationship between UNECE WP.29 R155 and ISO/SAE 21434


Vignesh Sambandan

Date and Time:

Jul 31 2024 11:00AM EST