Accessing your Cybersecurity Maturity Level

by Martin Hettwer published on December 13, 2022

While Security ratings are a great way to demonstrate that you are paying attention to the cyber health of your organization, but you also need to show that you are adhering to industry and regulatory best practices for cybersecurity and making informed decisions for the long-term. A cybersecurity framework can help.

A cybersecurity framework provides a common language and set of standards for security leaders across industries, sectors, and countries to understand their security postures and those of their vendors. With a framework in place, it becomes much easier to define the processes and procedures that your organization must take to assess, monitor, and mitigate cybersecurity risk.

In today’s environment of all-time high cyber incidents, and while the United States government and other countries have taken a wide variety of approaches to their cybersecurity defense, there are a series of cybersecurity regulations that all businesses worldwide have to comply with.

Watch this webinar recording to learn how the following six frameworks/standards can help your organizations define, enforce, and monitor controls across multiple compliance regimen:

1. ISO 27001


3. CMMC 2.0

4. FedRAMP

5. SOC 2



Martin Hettwer

Martin Hettwer is the Managing Director for Omnex Europe. He is also the Director of Integrated Management Systems, a senior consultant and certified corporate trainer for Omnex Inc. As an Operations and Program (APQP) Manager, he has launched nine (9) new manufacturing and assembly plants, and is a leading SME for new production facility launches. Previously employed by Toyota in their new product development group, Martin focused on gated Program Management for new vehicle and assembly plant launches.