21 CFR (FDA) and (EU) MDR Standards

by Michael B. Checketts published on November 03, 2020

This webinar takes a "birds-eye-view" of what the different parts of 21 CFR are, as they apply to Medical Device Manufacturing, and also looking at the corresponding articles of (EU) MDR. We'll not only discuss similarities but also touch on some of the differences.

There are various standards within the Medical Device Sector of the industry that lie outside of statutory regulations but are extremely important, and if not followed will cause havoc in meeting regulations. What are they and where can they be found? If you are not a "regulatory guru", but have an interest in knowing about the regulations, attending this short webinar, will be an excellent way of getting your feet wet in the regulatory world, without drowning in the details.

Watch this Webinar to understand 21 CFR (FDA) and (EU) MDR Standards in detail.