Omnex Winter Navigator 2019

by Chad Kymal published on January 01, 2019

The Navigator – 2019 edition . Since its first publication in 1985, Omnex has been proud to provide value for our clients every year through our newsletter. The Navigator focuses on Business Excellence and Continual Improvement.

Supplier Development Over the Years - 30 Years of Omnex (Selected Supplier Development Case Studies)

Omnex began working in the automotive industry by assisting Ford Powertrain Suppliers in 1986. The automotive industry US Big Three had GM’s Targets for Excellence, Ford’s Q 101, and Chrysler’s SQA standards to qualify the supply base. The automotive industry was making deep reductions in their supply bases. Though many of the original Omnex experts came from General Motors, Ford’s Q 101 was the standard that really received our attention. This is the standard that many automotive suppliers used to guide them on their path to improvement. by Chad Kymal

Design for Assembly and Manufacturing (DFMA)

Even though as a system Design for Manufacturing/Design for Assembly (DFMA) has been evolving in industry for well over a decade now, the evidence suggests that only a few organizations have achieved significant benefit from systemic application and use. While the emerging ideology arose in 1970’s, it only took real shape as a system in the 1980’s when Geoffrey Boothroyd provided what had been basically conceptual with substantial form and structure by incorporating specific tools and methods. by G. Mani & S. Prabhu

Designing product simply, is complex work”— a review of Omnex DFX training in Suzhou, China.

OMNEX provided a 2-day DFX training class on 18-19th April in Suzhou for a company which is the first manufacturer to focus on providing electrical connectors for cars built in China. This company has been an industry leader for 60 years with a turnover of US$12.8 billion as a global automotive supplier. The company’s principal business involves producing engineered electronic components for many clients and thousands of industrial.  by S. Jing, Omnex China