Recent US Govt (solarwinds) breach: A warning of the perils to critical infrastructures

by Dr.Juan Pimentel published on February 16, 2021

The recent supply chain breach on SolarWinds discovered in mid-December 2020 is changing cybersecurity as we know it. The incident involved the SolarWinds Orion IT monitoring software being compromised by a Trojan malware program. The significance of this supply chain attack is that the malware program was leveraged to compromise client networks and exponentially increase the resulting damage or impact. This is different from traditional attacks that usually target individual companies, institutions, or assets where the attack’s impact or damage is contained.

Many U.S. government institutions and other businesses affected by the SolarWinds breach have undergone and are still undergoing the relentless, most potentially devastating cyber breach thus far. The attack is still being investigated and evaluated but it will take time to fully know the real extent. Preliminary assessment and research on this breach suggest that future attacks are poised to be massive and will affect every industry, and in particular critical infrastructures are at a greater risk.

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