Functional Safety Case Study- ASIL, A Signal Lamp

by Emil Pop published on January 15, 2022

Synopsis: A well established Tier 1 manufacturer of LED lights has been contacted by an OEM electric vehicle manufacturer to design and produce a sleek set of front signature lights for the next generation of products. The front lights will perform functions such as ambient illumination, charge level indication, driving lights and signal lights. The same set of lights will have to be configurable either via hardware jumpers/ modules or software settings to be compatible with North American and European standards. These Smart lamps will have both hardware and software components and interfaces.

Omnex Involvement: Omnex was approached to help with helping develop the product in compliance with Functional Safety (FuSa) as this was the first project of such nature for the organization. The team involved was technical and had full management support. Since resource constraints existed at the customer end, Omnex was able to provide competent resources to support the endeavor.