Digital Transformation of Enterprise Quality Management Solution for a Leading Tier-1 Automotive Supplier

by Jonathan Hunt published on June 29, 2021

Automotive Tier-1 wiring harness company was established in 1941 and is one of the world’s leading independent automotive component manufacturers. In addition to the company’s core product, wire harnesses, they also develop and manufacture meters, electronic components, and a host of other innovative products for automotive use. They have also developed several eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions, including the world’s first-ever solar thermal powered air-conditioning system in 1974 and a wood biomass energy air-conditioning system in 2008.

The company has a disciplined process to manage QMS Documentation, Audits, CAPA / Customer Complaints, and PPAPs. However, the absence of an automated system impedes their growth and scalability objectives. Sharing and collaborating with other locations was previously limited to traditional emails and phone calls. The lack of availability of information in one place for better decision-making and operational efficiency was causing increased overhead, costly errors, and a loss in productivity. The solution must be easy-to-use, easy-to-configure, centrally controlled, and should have the capability to be shared across all their facilities, worldwide.

Download our case study on "Digital Transformation of Enterprise Quality Management Solution" to know how Omnex devised an innovative solution that was tailored to fit the customer's needs.

About EwQIMS®

EwQIMS®, or Enterprise-wide Quality and Integrated Management System is a revolutionary integrated management system software suite. EwQIMS® is a comprehensive suite in which you can run all your business quality operations and it comprises an integrated set of web-based software tools that encompass all aspects of quality management. EwQIMS® suite includes modules for New Product Launch and Risk Management (FMEA), VOC/Requirements Management, NPD Time Plans, Inspection Management, Customer Complaints both internal and external (CAPA), Document Management, Internal and Supplier Audits, Change Management, Company Performance/Customer Expectations Management, Equipment Verification and Calibration (MSA), Management and Tracking of Employee Objectives (HR), KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Management, and Equipment Maintenance Management and Scheduling (TPM); all tied together and all sharing a single repository to allow consistent, reliable, and accessible data. EwQIMS® is a fully integrated solution facilitating Lean Data Entry and effective information sharing.