The Cybersecurity Standards Landscape & Supply Chain Standards

by Chad Kymal published on February 02, 2022

The cyber threats landscape is constantly evolving. Cybersecurity is of great importance, as it is the backbone of communications and information exchanges of all kinds. The Defense industry has adopted the CMMC 2.0 standard and rolled out the updated Cybersecurity requirements of the Department of Defence (DOD). What is the current cybersecurity standards landscape, and what are industries doing to address this grave danger?

Cyber Attacks Are Real

Cybercrimes have risen 600% since the pandemic struck. Ransomware attacks are costing organizations 6 Trillion dollars. On average it took organizations one week to get control over their systems greatly costing them. A new organization fell victim to ransomware every 14 seconds in 2019, and every 11 seconds by 2021 (Source). These statistics should shock us all. In 2021 one out of 61 organizations were under threat from a Cyber Attack each week. As ransomware becomes more sophisticated this number will likely increase in 2022. (Source). Making things worse is the Solar Winds Orion breach as shown in the next section.

Supply Chain Attacks

The SolarWinds Orion compromise will leave organizations susceptible to supply chain attacks. In this case, a weak supplier will be hacked into to gain access to their customer. Attacks of this nature will be more commonplace in the future, leaving industries and large corporations susceptible.

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