Raising the Bar on Performance for Organizations Engaged in Sustainable Energy Technologies

by Imran Khan,Arun Kumar published on August 31, 2021

Sustainable energy technology has become a fully commercial and profitable venture. The recent rapid growth of this industry segment has strained its supply chain to meet demand in a timely manner. This is certainly true for the wind power industry, where unexpected component failures such as electronic controls, gearboxes, generators, and rotor blades have driven up operations & maintenance (O&M) costs.

Compared to the automotive and other industrial segments, the wind power industry has tremendous opportunity to make both their products and processes robust. Facing the promising growth of this industry, three of the world’s leading organizations in wind power have partnered with Omnex and we stand committed to support them in every aspect of business improvement. As such, we stand true to our motto “Driving Worldwide Business Excellence”.

Omnex has been engaged in every aspect of the wind power industry from product design to the installation and maintenance of windmills. Omnex has worked on reducing variation and waste using our own customized process review methodology, EwQ-IMS software, and Six Sigma and Lean tools.

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