EwQIMS Gaining Traction in the Aerospace Sector

by Zack Peckham published on August 31, 2021

A leading Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturer with multiple manufacturing and assembly locations in North America was searching for a long term integrated software solution for managing all documentation related to their APQP/PPAP processes across all their locations while also having the capability to be scaled up for future quality system requirements. They wanted a system that could be implemented for their new product development process for reusable parts and processes in order to minimize the work needed in the future.

After reviewing available options, the organization selected three Omnex software modules: AQuA Pro for authoring APQP/PPAP documentation, Doc Pro for managing and storing their documents and MSA Pro for authoring measurement system documentation. Omnex designed a month-long custom implementation plan to address the Customer’s requirement through “as-is” process studies, APQP/PPAP methodology training and software implementation. The implementation was a resounding success, as evidenced by some of the feedback that was received:

“The software was easy to install, easy to manage and takes up a very small network footprint” - IT Department

“What used to take months to do regarding authoring PFMEA’S and Control Plans now can be accomplished in weeks with a higher rate of accuracy” - End User

“Omnex’s knowledge of APQP in combination with its software that was designed and built on the same ideals and principles makes for an extremely effective and beneficial solution” - Manager

“I wish I would have had this solution two decades ago, I could have retired years ago” - End User

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