e-APQP Solution Provided Through EwQIMS

by Antony John published on August 31, 2021

As India’s leading thermal products manufacturer for automotive applications, Subros Limited addressed its documentation workflow system through conventional means. For example, documents were distributed via hardcopy or e-mail in order to obtain approvals, changes, and/or sign-offs. Important documentation including Process Charts, FMEAs, Control Plans, Quality Manuals, and Forms were created using Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Excel™, and other word processing and spreadsheet applications. Ultimately, this documentation was on Subros’ network servers and PCs at different site locations throughout India.

“There were times when our documentation would simply fall through the cracks”

-Amit Parashar, General Manager of Quality Systems

According to Amit Parashar, General Manager of Quality Systems, “There were times when our documentation would simply fall through the cracks.” This prompted management at Subros to decide it was time for all employees to utilize a single system across all their locations. Subros required a software solution that accommodated APQP Process Standardization at three sites to replace the existing costly and labor-intensive manual update method currently in use.


Subros set the following goals as part of the selection criteria for its new APQP solution:

  • Produce an APQP system that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the three current facilities and all future expansions
  • Best-in-class solution provider with the ability to handle Consulting and Software implementations
  • Decrease the cost and time to prepare PPAP and to conduct APQP Time Plan Management
  • Eliminate all shared network-based activities for documentation
  • Create a paperless system

EwQIMS™ was chosen by Subros for e-APQP Implementation. The necessary functionalities were broken down into 4 major categories: