Agile APQP Overview in Product Development Innovation

by Jonathan Hunt,Michael Popenas published on April 03, 2021

Product Development (PD) is the lifeblood of a company’s success and is the process for innovation. Today, product life cycles are shrinking due to an ever-increasing number of competitive and disruptive products coming to market quicker. Product Development (PD) needs to become more effective, more productive, and faster to stay in business. Product Development systems can no longer take years or months to deliver something that hopefully the customer will still want. Planning, design and development, testing, and release can no longer rely on the currently widely practiced sequential waterfall methods developed over one hundred years ago. Companies need to change their new product introduction process to continue to meet the fast-changing and lower-cost pressures to deliver products to the market. They need to become Agile and for the automotive sector, the Agile APQP process will reduce product development time, increase your organization’s design and development skills, and meet customer requirements.

Agile APQP is changing the way Product Development delivers traditional PPAP requirements and meets customer needs more quickly and effectively than traditional methods. It is the way to effectively innovate and capture market share and new customers. The Agile approach has enabled tech companies (hardware and software), government agencies, aerospace and aircraft manufacturers, school systems, and petrochemical industries to successfully design, test, and release products and services more quickly and effectively than other traditional waterfall methods.

Omnex will be offering a series of high-energy courses on Agile APQP that will take your product development and leadership teams into a new era of innovation. These immersive courses will demonstrate the benefits of Agile APQP, teach the process, and provide insights into implementing this game-changing process in your organization. Adapted from other highly successful and innovative companies, Agile APQP is what today’s automotive industry needs to be competitive. Once again, Omnex is on the leading edge of business process improvement in supporting this most important industry and its customers.

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