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Accessing your Cybersecurity Maturity Level

While Security ratings are a great way to demonstrate that you are paying attention to the cyber health of your organization, but you also need to show that you are adhering to industry and regulatory best practices for cybersecurity and making informed decisions for the long-term

Publish Date:December 13, 2022

Ford CSR: Creating Family, Foundation, and Part FMEAs with AQuA Pro Software

Ford has updated its customer specific requirements. Its new CSR discusses family, foundation, and part FMEAs and requires Ford suppliers to adopt an FMEA software package by July 1, 2022. Ford is also requiring reverse FMEAs (RFMEAs) to be implemented into process FMEAs (PFMEAs)

Publish Date:November 29, 2022

Proactive Supplier Quality Management

Supply Chain and Governance is a critical part of every Industry. Organizations are losing millions of dollars launching new products. Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) from scrap, rework, recall, repair, and marketing mistakes can be found in every step of the Supplier Management Journey

Publish Date:September 22, 2022

Automotive Spice for Cybersecurity

The increasingly software-defined vehicles in development today along with V2X communication and Over-the-air (OTA) communication, cybersecurity has become of central importance within automotive product design.

Publish Date:August 25, 2022

SAE/OMNEX Webinar: Software Solutions for Integrated FMEA, Problem Solving, and MSA

The FMEA (including DFMEA and PFMEA) is a preventive tool used during new product development. When properly grouped in families of products or processes, the FMEA process allows for reuse and design savings. After a product is launched, the lessons learned during corrective action and problem solvi

Publish Date:August 02, 2022

Aligning your Information Security Management System framework with TISAX Controls

To bolster information exchanges and data transfers, many organizations are requiring their external providers to implement an information security management system (ISMS) framework to achieve Trust Information Security Assessment (TISAX) maturity certification.

Publish Date:July 29, 2022

Integrating APQP / PPAP (AS9145) within AS9100

The aerospace Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) standard, AS9145, was developed to leverage the successes found in the automotive sector.

Publish Date:July 21, 2022

Reverse FMEA: A Trending OEM Requirement

The purpose of this Webinar is to introduce Reverse FMEA and show the steps required to perform, mitigate risk and report the results.

Publish Date:June 23, 2022

SOTIF Mission Accomplished: The New International Standard ISO 21448

According to the US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), less than 1% of vehicle crashes are attributed to vehicle failure (the domain of ISO 26262), and the remaining attributed to other reasons involving hazardous scenarios containing one or more .

Publish Date:June 21, 2022

Proposed Changes  to 21 CFR 820

The FDA regulatory requirement 21 CFR 820 for medical device Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) for Quality System Regulations (QSR) is undergoing a significant revision. The purpose of this webinar is to familiarize medical device manufacturers (marketing or intending to market in the USA),

Publish Date:June 14, 2022