Strategy and Evolution of Enterprise Quality and Integrated Management Systems Software

by Antony John published on November 07, 2023

Product Development and manufacturing has evolved through changes in Standards, Customer requirements, Products that have become more complex, Remote workforce, Distributed Global Supply chain, and Compliance requirements. However, most organizations need help to unify their Quality Process through a digitalized platform. Dead by Excel, Email, and disintegrated systems is a common scenario. EwQIMS® can help digitalize your Business and Quality Process ensuring Collaboration, Scale, quicker decision-making, and “Data” the new electricity fuel prediction and analysis. 

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Antony John

Antony John is the Vice President of Omnex Systems. He has 19 years of experience transforming technology businesses across global markets and different customer industry segments, for profitable growth. Antony also possesses strong experience working in the Information Technology, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Natural Gas, and Insurance industries. He currently leads the Product Development of EwQIMS, a revolutionary software solution for managing Enterprise Quality for APQP, Integrated Management Systems / QHSE, and Supplier Quality used by Fortune 500 companies, OEMs, top automotive manufacturers, and large semi-conductor organizations across the globe.