PAM 3.1 to PAM 4.0 - Lessons Learned and Opportunities

by Ranjeet Chhabra published on November 07, 2023

The latest release of Automotive SPICE® v3.991 was done in June 2023 along with the draft version of ASPICE Guidelines (Yellow Book). The formal version is expected to be released in by 4th Quarter of 2023. There have been major changes in terms of scope to address the entire mechatronic development i.e. Hardware and Machine Learning processes are added. A presentation will be delivered with having focus on the following topics:

  • Overview of Automotive SPICE® PAM v3.991
  • Changes in Process Dimension
  • Changes in Capability Dimension
  • Overview of Automotive SPICE® Guidelines Yellow Book (draft)

Watch the recording to know more..


Ranjeet Chhabra

Ranjeet Chhabra is an Omnex consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of core process consulting/training and assessment experience for automotive supplier organizations and OEMs. Ranjeet is an intacsTM certified Principal Assessor for Automotive SPICE® and intacsTM certified Instructor for Provisional and Competent Assessors for Automotive SPICE®. Mr. Chhabra has conducted more than 150 formal assessments utilizing Automotive SPICE® and trained over 300 Assessors (Provisional and Competent). He is also a committee member of intacsTM working groups and is actively involved in the development of Automotive SPICE® training material. Ranjeet is also a co-author of guidebooks on Automotive SPICE® (Introductory and Advance) for HIS scope of processes.