Proactive Supplier Quality Management

by Antony John published on September 22, 2022

Supply Chain and Governance is a critical part of every Industry. Organizations are losing millions of dollars launching new products. Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) from scrap, rework, recall, repair, and marketing mistakes can be found in every step of the Supplier Management Journey. Customers expect low costs, high quality, quick delivery, and there is no room for failure to deliver these expectations.​Yet, in many organizations, Supplier Quality Management is managed through Spreadsheets & Emails. Join us in this webinar to understand how our comprehensive supplier management platform allows organizations to manage their suppliers effortlessly by utilizing a central repository of supplier information, including; · Supplier PPAPs, APQPs, · Supplier audits, · Supplier Receiving Inspections, · Supplier SCARS, · Supplier Metrics The benefit of this system is in the ability to implement Plan-Do-Check-ACT (PDCA) in supply chains, with a closed-loop continual improvement process.