Ford CSR: Creating Family, Foundation, and Part FMEAs with AQuA Pro Software

by Nikhil Unnikrishnan published on November 29, 2022

Ford has updated its customer specific requirements. Its new CSR discusses family, foundation, and part FMEAs and requires Ford suppliers to adopt an FMEA software package by July 1, 2022. Ford is also requiring reverse FMEAs (RFMEAs) to be implemented into process FMEAs (PFMEAs).

This webinar explains how to create family FMEAs, foundation FMEAs, and part FMEAs with Omnex AQuA Pro software using RFMEAs. The latest innovations, including multipoint FMEAs and linked FMEA and 8Ds, are also examined.

AQuA Pro is format agnostic, using AIAG, AIAG-VDA, and SAE J1739. For example, FMEAs can be developed in the AIAG format and saved in AIAG-VDA FMEA. In addition, the software satisfies Honda and BMW FMEA requirements, and its ROI is typically a few months.