Best Practices in Implementing Automotive Cybersecurity (ISO 21434) and UNECE Regulations R155 and R156

by Dr.Juan Pimentel published on May 04, 2022

Latest technologies, features, and options of current and future vehicles have created many attack surfaces that have put the security of vehicle assets in great jeopardy. Cybersecurity attacks may have deep negative consequences in the safety, operations, finance, personal, and other categories. Organizations are busy responding to this state of affairs by engaging in governance, training, management, cybersecurity lifecycle, cybersecurity by design, monitoring, detection and response, standards adoption, and developing strategies to counter the onslaught of cybersecurity attacks. Organizations are increasingly interested in implementing and adopting standards and regulations such as ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE regulations R155 and R156. Yet, it is not straightforward and effective to implement these standards and regulations. This webinar will discuss best practices in implementing the automotive standard ISO 21434 and meeting the UNECE regulations R155 and R 156.