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Digitalization of FMEA, Control Plan, and other APQP/PPAP documents using EwQIMS - Enterprise FMEA Solution

A global leader in the development and production of high precision bearings for aerospace, defense, medical, dental and high-tech markets had challenges controlling their document flow and linkage.

Publish Date:December 21, 2022

Best Auditing Practices using Software

An audit tells an organization whether it is adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements and established objectives. However, a lack of preparation, an integrated digital platform, and other factors can lead to wasted time.

Publish Date:December 14, 2022

Accessing your Cybersecurity Maturity Level

While Security ratings are a great way to demonstrate that you are paying attention to the cyber health of your organization, but you also need to show that you are adhering to industry and regulatory best practices for cybersecurity and making informed decisions for the long-term

Publish Date:December 13, 2022

Ford CSR: Creating Family, Foundation, and Part FMEAs with AQuA Pro Software

Ford has updated its customer specific requirements. Its new CSR discusses family, foundation, and part FMEAs and requires Ford suppliers to adopt an FMEA software package by July 1, 2022. Ford is also requiring reverse FMEAs (RFMEAs) to be implemented into process FMEAs (PFMEAs)

Publish Date:November 29, 2022

Omnex Winter Navigator 2022/2023

Omnex is delighted to announce the release of our newsletter “2022 /2023 Winter Navigator” edition. Since its first publication in 1985, we have been proud to provide value for our clients every year through our newsletter focusing on Business Excellence and Continual Improvement.

Publish Date:October 18, 2022

Proactive Supplier Quality Management

Supply Chain and Governance is a critical part of every Industry. Organizations are losing millions of dollars launching new products. Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) from scrap, rework, recall, repair, and marketing mistakes can be found in every step of the Supplier Management Journey

Publish Date:September 22, 2022

Implementing Medical Device Standards into a Quality Management System (QMS)

Start-up Medical Device companies consistently develop devices which they expect will greatly improve patient Quality of Life. Generally, through consultant regulatory help it is fairly easy to get the regulatory filings done which include device classification. However, when it comes to the Quality

Publish Date:September 22, 2022

Best Practices for  Implementation of TISAX and  Information Security Controls

Automotive manufacturers are increasingly aware of the information security concerns associated with sharing intellectual property and domain expertise within their supply chain.

Publish Date:September 21, 2022

Deploying APQP, PPAP and Zero Defects in a Large Tier 1, Subsidiaries and Supply Chain

At the outset, there was no aerospace industry standard for APQP and PPAP; so Omnex was invited to join in the effort to develop a new approach to be deployed to the global aerospace supply base.

Publish Date:September 16, 2022

Automotive Spice for Cybersecurity

The increasingly software-defined vehicles in development today along with V2X communication and Over-the-air (OTA) communication, cybersecurity has become of central importance within automotive product design.

Publish Date:August 25, 2022